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WSO2 ESB: Simple Sequence To Send A Static XML Response


Sometimes we meet some requests coming to ESB which have to be responded by a pre-defined XML, or an XML which is created easily in a dynamic way on the fly. In a such case we don't want to call a web service. We want to send our response back directly without need to a pinp-pong wall like echo service (as in my previous approach).

Sample Sequence (gist here)

<sequence xmlns="http://ws.apache.org/ns/synapse" name="main" trace="disable">
        <log level="headers">
            <property name="?" value="[main] in: started"/>
            <property name="To" expression="get-property('To')"/>
            <property name="PAYLOAD" expression="/*"/>
        <script language="js"><![CDATA[
            mc.setPayloadXML(<greeting>Hello World</greeting>);
        <header name="To" action="remove"/>
        <property name="NO_ENTITY_BODY" action="remove" scope="axis2"/>
        <property name="RESPONSE" value="true"/>
        <log level="headers">
            <property name="?" value="[main] in: ended"/>
            <property name="PAYLOAD" expression="/*"/>
        <log level="headers">
            <property name="?" value="[main] out: started"/>
            <property name="RESPONSE" expression="/*"/>
        <log level="headers">
            <property name="?" value="[main] out: ended"/>

Sample Response

Practical Usage Scenario

ClientAccesPolicy.xml and CrossDomain.xml. I will write about them at next post.

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