31 Mart 2013 Pazar

Prayer History Redmine Plugin

Short time ago, I have started to use Redmine, an open source project management web application, to plan and track my activities in day-to-day basis. Because I am happily using the Redmine as a personal productivity tool and want to develop some Ruby and RoR stuff, I decided to write a Redmine plugin as a start. Here is the result:

This is a Redmine plugin to track history of prayers. You mark performed prayers and see which prayers in which days doesn't performed.

Currently it is available in two languages (EN, TR), and can be easily translated to any language, thanks to small number of strings to be translated (only 11) :)

This is how it looks when language is English:

... and for Turkish:


  • Improve UX
  • Make activities customizable (allow defining other activities, not only prayers)
  • Make activities categorizable (allow defining nested categories on top of the activities)
  • Allow project level activities (per project). Currently works in user level (per user manner).
  • Allow defining other recurring types like weekly, monthly etc. in addition to default daily activites.
  • Change plugin name (or fork project) to something like 'redmine_recurring_tasks' :)

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